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Foam scrubbing agent

Structural formula:

CAS No.:

Validity period:One year


It is a high-efficiency foaming scrubbing agent composed of amphoteric surfactant and a small amount of solvent. It has good biodegradability and a degradation rate of over 98%. It is an environmentally friendly foaming agent. The product has excellent foaming power, stable foam, good liquid carrying rate, good salt tolerance (mineralization degree 250g/L), methanol resistance (20-30%), condensate resistant oil (30%) and low freezing point properties etc.



Application and dosage

Main application: It is widely used in oil and gas fields such as foam washing, foam drainage, foam flooding, etc. Customers can also mix according to different application environments.

Packing & storage

Packing::25kg、200kg、1000kg plastic drum.

Storage:Store in dry and cool place, keep away from sunshine and rain

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