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Corporate Culture

Cultural Origins

The sage has impermanence. Take the hearts of the people as their heart. Good, my good; bad, I am good; Deshan. The believer, I believe it; the unbelievers, I also believe it; the letter. The saints are in the world, hey, for the world to smack their hearts, the people are paying attention to their eyes and ears, the saints are children.

—— Laozi《Morality》Chapter 49

Sage is often not selfish, taking the hearts of the people as their own heart. For kind people, I am kind to him; for those who are not kind, I treat him well, so that I can be kind, so that everyone is good. For the trustworthy person, I trust him; for those who are not trustworthy, I also trust him, so that you can get good faith, so that everyone is trustworthy. The sage of the Tao is in his place, converging his desires, and bringing the minds of the world to simplicity. The people are all focused on their own eyes and ears, and the people who have made them return to the babylike state.

Corporate Values

Strive to maintain a good and fast development momentum,

The company has certain influence and comprehensive competitive strength among domestic and foreign counterparts,

The main economic indicators are at the upper-middle level of the same industry,

Try to get the company listed in 5-10 years.

Strive to create a better life for our employees!

Enterprise Purpose


Enterprise Spirit

Unity and hard work, pioneering and innovative.

Quality Policy

Strive to provide customers with quality products and satisfactory service.

Employment Ideas and Policies

People-oriented, be kind to employees; respect knowledge and respect talents;

Meet the needs, economical, safe and stable.