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Flower's Song Fine Chemical held the "March 8" Women's Day celebration

Flower's Song 2017-03-08 1078

   Flower's Song Fine Chemical held the "March 8" Women's Day celebration

The "March 8" Festival came, the company organized the "March Eight Red Flag Bearer" commendation symposium. At the meeting, eight women workers including Luo Guifang and Tang Lihua were awarded the honorary title of "March Eight Red Flag Bearers" in 2017. General Manager Zhang Yong attended the meeting on behalf of the company.

 At the meeting, General Manager Zhang Yong gave a festive greeting to all female employees on behalf of the company. In the past year, all the women workers of the company have fully utilized their talents in their respective positions with high enthusiasm and mastery. Development has made the contribution of “half the sky” and has become an important force to promote the company's economic development and the construction of a harmonious enterprise. The meeting fully affirmed the hard work of women workers in various positions, the spirit of self-improvement, and the contribution to the company's construction and development. At the same time, I hope that the majority of women workers will use the commended comrades as an example. In the future work, they will fully demonstrate women's spirit of the times and new styles, and make persistent efforts to make new contributions in their respective positions. After the meeting, on the afternoon of March 8, the company organized a K song activity, the activity was positively responded by the majority of women workers, the company's female workers participated in the event, the scene was very pleasant, fully reflecting the positive spirit of the women workers, in this fun-filled event, the smile always hangs on everyone's face, and all the employees smile so brightly.