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Alkanolamide Series

Cocamide MEA
Cocamide MEA

Structural formula:RCONHCH2CH2OH

CAS No.:68140-00-1

Validity period:one year


Excellent thickening and foam stability, low dosage and thickening and safety better than 6501;

Good compatibility, excellent synergistic effect, excellent emollient, fragrance, decontamination and hard water resistance;

It is hard to dissolve in water, suitable for pearlescent products, soluble in a transparent solution when mixed with other surfactants;

Good biodegradability, the degradation rate can reach more than 97%.


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Application and dosage

Main application: Be used as detergent, thickener, foam booster, foam stabilizer, etc., suitable for pearl shampoo, soap, bath, hand washing agent, skin care agent, powder synthetic detergent, drug shampoo, ointment, laundrydetergent In other products. It is also used as the main raw material for amide series surfactants.

The recommended dosage is:1.0~5.0%

Packing & storage

Packing:25kg (N.W) per paper-plastic compound bag.

Storage:Store in dry and cool place, keep away from sunshine and rain

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