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Alkanolamide Series

Lauramide MEA
Lauramide MEA

Structural formula:C11H25CONHCH2CH2OH

CAS No.:142-78-9

Validity period:1year


Excellent thickening and foam stability, low dosage and thickening and safety better than 6501;

Good compatibility, excellent synergistic effect, excellent emollient, fragrance, decontamination and hard water resistance;

Hard to dissolve in water, suitable for pearlescent products, soluble in a transparent solution when mixed with other surfactants;

The thickening property and melting point are higher than CMEA, and it is easy to be powdered, and the application is more convenient.


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Application and dosage

Main application:Be used as detergent, thickener, foam booster, foam stabilizer, etc., suitable for pearl shampoo, soap, bath, hand lotion, skin care agent, powder synthetic detergent, drug shampoo, ointment, laundry detergent, etc. . It is also used as the main raw material for amide series surfactants.

The recommended dosage is:1.0~5.0%

Packing & storage

Packing:25kg (N.W) per paper-plastic compound bag.

Storage:Store in dry and cool place, keep away from sunshine and rain

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